Graphic Design Service

Can I order Graphic Design Services?

Yes, you may have a designer work directly with you for a custom design.

Request and approve an estimate from Customer Service (562) 821-2822 or email:

Find more information in the section What Instructions should I send to the designer.

What Instructions should I send the designer?

If you are ordering custom Design Services with our design department you will need to provide all the information for your design digitally to / Pixel Perfect Design. Instructions, graphics and text may all be submitted to your Customer Service Rep when you approve the estimate via email.

Please keep your instructions concise and clear. This will allow the designer to use your design time to create a nice piece for you rather than waste time deciphering difficult or incomplete instructions. Remember that edits take time so the more clearly your project is outlined to the designer in the beginning, the fewer edits will be required and the more likely your project will be completed within the estimated time.

Graphics/logos/images you wish to be used in your design. Keep in mind that low resolution images will not produce a quality printed piece. They create a pixilated image which most people would not be happy with as the end result. A similar high resolution image may be available in our image GALLERY.

All text for the design. Typeset text into a Word or text document or into the body of the email (hand written information and digital scans and images of text are not acceptable) – See TYPESETTING SERVICE OPTIONS if you need this service provided for you.

CAN I SPEAK DIRECTLY TO THE DESIGNER ABOUT MY JOB? Yes, once your order is processed, you may request to have the designer or a prepress technician call you. If you would like to speak to the designer before they begin working your order, include HAVE THE DESIGNER CALL ME BEFORE THEY BEGIN as the first line in the design instructions you submit with your order. If you have questions regarding the proof you received and would like to discuss them with the designer, reply to the proof email they sent you. include your edits and a line that says CALL ME BEFORE YOU BEGIN. The actual time on the phone with the designer will be accrued as actual design time, so you will want to outline your edit instructions clearly to the designer so they may review them before they call you. Suggestion: Use the time on the phone with the designer to clarify your already provided instructions, not to provide all the details. This will keep phone time to a minimum and the designer's actual design time to a maximum.

Unless you are ordering TYPESETTING OPTIONS  (WHICH IS ADDITIONAL) you will be required to supply all the text for your design already typeset into a Word or text file or email that we will format and use in your layout (hand written information and digital scans and images of text are not acceptable).

If additional design services or edits are needed, your Customer Service Rep will notify you of the additional time required to complete the request. You will be required to approve a formal request to add the service to your order before further proofs will be provided. Your order will be on “HOLD” status until the approval is received. As always, keep your instructions concise and clear.

To view images available to use on your project visit GALLERY.

Turnaround Time

When will I receive my order?

To view detailed production & transit times please follow this link: PRODUCTION & TRANSIT TIMES

Order Processing

How do I submit my order?

We offer OnLine & OffLine order processing

Uploading Ready to Print Files:
More info to be posted later.....

Hire a Designer:
This service is available on or offline.

We are ALWAYS open to a phone conversation if you order online or offline so don't hesitate to CALL or EMAIL us to help guide you through any of the ordering process!

Before I Order

Shipping to the incorrect address?

Be sure to provide a correct address for shipping

UPS will charge us to return the package back to our facility if the address you provide is incorrect. This cost will then be invoiced back to you along with additional shipping costs to reship your order to the correct address. Unfortunatly this is just a cost we have to charge back to our customers so please be certain the address you provide during your check out process is correct to avoid un-necessary shipping costs.

What is the difference in paper options?

The type of paper used for difference purposes is expressed in weight or in points. In the US this is most commonly referred to as Pounds for weight (lb or #). Paper is also measured in pt sizes which is measuring by thickness and not by weight. For comparison purposes there is really not an exact conversion of (for example) 100 lb = 10 pt system across the board but if you read below it should help you get an overall understanding of what you are ordering.

The paper used by most people in their offices and homes to print on is generally 20 to 50 lb paper stock. Letterhead and stationary printed in commercial print shops is typically between 20 to 70 lb. Higher end flyers and brochures use 80 to 100 lb. and can be referred to as text weight paper stock. We use 100 lb gloss text paper stock most often on our products and it measures approximately 5pt.

A heavier paper typically used for cards, invitations, most door hangers and postcards is called card stock or cover stock and is thicker than text stock. Typically cover stock ranges between 65 to 130 lb. We use 80 to 130 lb most often on our products. For reference, our 80 lb Cover measures approximately 8 pt, our 100 lb Cover measures approximately 10 pt while our 111 lb measures approximately 11 pt. As you can see after reading the above information 100 lb gloss text is lighter than 80 lb gloss cover because it is TEXT and not COVER paper stock.

You may always request a sample packet be sent to you via standard mail so you can see and hold different paper options in your hand for comparison.

What is the difference between glossy and matte paper stock?

Coated papers are available in several finishes directly from the paper mill. For example – glossy (shiny and smooth) and matte (flat and lusterless). Even though there is not shine on matte paper, it still has a coating.

Uncoated paper most often does not have an added finish and will not have any shine. It is most like the printing paper you typically buy for a printer you use at home.

Return Policy

Return Policy

RETURN POLICY: For a full description of our Terms and Conditons, and to review Return Policy information follow this link: TERMS AND CONDITIONS

File Requirments & Proofing

What is the preferred file type?

Adobe PDF (.pdf) is the best file type for commercial printing. Please CONVERT Word & Publisher Documents, etc. to press quality PDF files before you submit them.

For specific instruction on how to create a PDF file from Publisher, CLICK HERE.

As always, even if the file type is correct, the file itself must be of high resolution quality. See How do I generate a pdf file for commercial printing and our Design Guidelines page for more information.

What is Bleed, Trim & Safe Zone?

Lets start by explaining TRIM. The trim is just as it sounds, it is where we will trim your document once it has been printed. Since trim may vary slightly due to equipment tolerances, files for commercial printing include an extra area all around the document called bleed.

BLEED is the term referring to the area of your digital file that extends past the trim line. If you want color or image out to the trim line, it must extend out to the bleed edge, not end at the trim line. This ensures that when your piece is trimmed, no white edge will show where it should not. It is important to note that bleed is added to the file even if no color or art extends to the trim line.

We require a 1/8" bleed be added to all four sides of your document. This would mean that a piece intended to trim at 4.25" x 11" would be created at 4.5" x 11.25".

SAFE ZONE is the area inside the trim edge that you should use as a guide for keeping your text, logo and other critical information safe from the trim process. Staying within the safe zone ensures that when the piece is trimmed, critical information will not come too close to the edge. The safe zone also gives your piece a more professional look. Putting text, logos, etc. too close to the trim edge results in a less attractive look. We prefer a 1/4" safe zone but accept 1/8" safe zones as well. The following graphic points out areas of concern.

quick-tip graphic

How do I generate a pdf file for commercial printing?

Not all PDF files are intended for hi-res printing. Some are just meant for viewing on screen and would not be suitable for print. So if you will be sending a PDF, it is important to do several things.

1) use only hi-res elements in your file. By that, we mean if you have an image in your layout, make sure it is hi-res (300ppi). If you are using your logo, include the .eps file in your layout. If you only have an image file of your logo such as a .jpeg, make sure it is hi-res as well. Images snagged from the web typically result in an inferior, lo-res PDF so we recommend against that process. The PDF will only be as good as the individual elements that make up the PDF, so using quality elements is the first step. We cannot stress this enough.

2) When creating the PDF, choose settings that guarantee a high resolution “Press Quality” PDF. This type of pdf retains all the information. For example, when creating your Adobe PDF - choose the "Press Quality" setting. This creates a hi-res PDF that is quite reliable. On the other hand, some programs (like Word) create PDF files not intended for high-end printing and will not give a desirable output when printed. For specific questions regarding this type of PDF, email our prepress department at and let us know what program you are using to generate your pdf so we may advise you.

What design applications do you accept?

We do not print from applications, we suggest you generate a Press Quality PDF from your application and submit your file in that format. If you want more detailed information on preparing files for submission, please refer to the Design Guidelines page, where you will find checklists and in-detail information.

Should I use RGB or CMYK color format?

Although our system will process both RGB and CMYK color formats, it is strongly recommended you only supply CMYK images and files for printing. CMYK is the standard for commercial printing and therefore the most reliable. RGB has to be converted to CMYK as the file is processed and can possibly result in unexpected colors. Read more about RGB vs. CMYK and about color as it relates to paper and to your monitor on our Design Guidelines page.

All files should be provided 300 dpi - what does that mean?

This subject could fill a page, so here we will just condense it to 300dpi = high resolution (hi-res) and that's why we require 300dpi. Web images are typically around 72dpi and that's why they are referred to as lo-res. Quality printing needs quality, hi-res images. Read more about image resolution on our Design Guidelines page.

Will I be notified if there are issues with my design or file before it prints?

Will anyone review my file & notify me of any issues?

We offer a complimentary Customer Service File Review before your order goes into production. This will help look over your files for any issues we may catch in advance. Once your order is processed, this review is complimentary and there is no guarantee we will catch anything you didn't when you approved the proof. The Prepress Department will also preform a more detailed Prepress File Review notifying you of any issues that may need to be corrected and giving you the opportunity to do the adjustments on your own or the choice to add File Repair Services to your order.

Again this is a courtesy review and there is no guarantee we will catch any issues that you didn't when you approved the proof. When you submit your order online you will approve your proof during the order process. If you order Design Services with our Customer Service Department we will provide a proof to you for review before we print your order. We pride ourselves on customer service and wll do our best to review each and every file before it goes to print if there are any major issues. Make sure you contact us with any concerns about your file before you upload if you have any quality questions.

If we do catch an issues, we will notify you with a phone call or email and we will place your order on hold for processing for up to 24 hours to hear a response from you on how to proceed. Depending on the nature of the concern after 24 hours we will either process your files the way you submitted them or we will keep your job on hold until we hear back from you. Please be sure to check your spam and emails, voice mails as this will cause delays in your order process and turn around time.


Can I add High Gloss UV Coating to my order?

Yes some products do allow you to add our High Gloss UV Coating to the printed piece. The coating is applied after your order has been printed and cured with a special machine using Ultraviolet Light. UV Coating does not make your printed piece water resistent because the water can still get into the outside edges of the paper which will not be sealed like they would if you had the product laminated for example. It also does not protect your printed product from the sun. It does however, provide a little protection and makes your final printed product really pop.

UV Coating may not easily be written on with a standard pen. You would need to use a permanent marker.

What products & services does your site support?

We support the products and services currently listed on this site. Offline we also offer graphic design service and we are shortly going to introduce more products like postcards, vinyl stickers, banners, calendars, plastic and uv business cards, and more.

If you want to order any products or sizes not listed on the website, simply email the details to and we will contact you with information and instructions to place your order offline. Thank you!


Will I receive a proof before my order is printed?

Yes, regardless of whether we provide Design Services for you, you submit Ready To Print art you will receive a digital proof to approve during the process. If you order Design Services offline or submit your own Ready to Print file, a digital proof will be provided to you separately to review and approve.


Regarding color and digital proofs - all monitors are calibrated differently and are not usually a reliable method of judging color. All monitors use a light based projected spectrum of color (RGB) and colors on printed pieces are viewed as light reflects off of ink. (CMYK). Unless professionally calibrated, your monitor will most likely not match the printed piece exactly. A'Deas Printing cannot be held responsible for slight differences in color between digital proofs and the final printed piece. That being said, we will always strive to meet your expectations.

If you would like to achieve an exact color, we suggest consulting a PANTONE color swatch book and choosing a specific color for us to match, as all colors in this set are universal.

A final note: Your job will print in high resolution. If you provide a ready to print file, or provide any art, your result will be as clear and sharp as the quality of the provided file or art. See the Design Guidelines page to ensure that the file or art you provide results in a quality product.

What should I do if I never receive my proof?

Please contact your customer service representative any time you would like to double check the status of your order. Emails are easily lost in cyberspace and may also be filtered by Spam Controls, which could delay your order. We highly recommend you add / to your safe senders list to reduce the risk of our emails containing proofs or other crucial order information being blocked by spam filters.


Quantity Received

We will strive to meet your order quantity and actually try to provide a few overs, however, the acceptable industry standard is + or - 10 percent. If you find your count is off by more than this amount, please don't hesitate to contact our customer service department so we can look into this for you.

What printing method do you use?

We use offset, digital printing, large format, and flat bed digital printing. Allowing us to choose the best method for your particular project.


What type of payments do you accept?

Credit Cards:

Payment Logo 

Check Payments: Cashiers Check, Personal or Business Check Payments accepted however, this will slow down the processing of your order as we will need to hold the order for approximately 10 business days to verify the payment has cleared the bank before placing your order into production. Contact customer service so we can walk you through the steps necessary to complete your order using this payment method.

Wire Funds Tranfer: If you wish to pay with this method please contact customer service for the appropriate information required for the wire. This could delay your order being placed into production while we wait for the bank to confirm payment was recevied. A fee of $15 per transaction will be charged for this payment method.

After I Order

What if I receive my order & it's damaged?

We do our best to ensure the arrival of undamaged goods, but damages do occur sometimes. If your order arrives and you notice any damage please contact us by email at detailing the damage. Please take one or more digital pictures of the damage for our insurance and for any claims against the courier. Please do not dispose of the item as we may require its return (if return is required we will arrange return shipping.) Once we have been notified (and have received the images of the damage) we will contact you with options for replacing the shipment as soon as possible. Please include your order # and contact information when you email us.

What if I don't receive all of my order?

What if I don't receive all of my order?

If you feel you didn't receive your complete order please contact customer service within 2 weeks of your order being delivered. We will review and deterine if an error occured and discuss this with you personally. Please call (562) 821-2822.

Return Policy

RETURN POLICY: For a full description of our Terms and Conditons, and to review Return Policy information follow this link TERMS AND CONDITIONS